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first quarter FLEW by. where did those ten weeks go?!?! but it was good times, great times actually. maybe too many good times and not enough studying but i dont regret a moment of it. it feels good to be home but i miss everyone already. it feels weird to not have to prop open my door, to not be able to walk outside and have tons of cool people ot hang out with, to sleep in such a big bed but without my blankets, use this table that is really short, have carpet to walk on, shower without wearing flipflops, not have denise walk in on me haha. but this month at home will be good for me. but its kinda scary also. yeah okay. ive been home like an hour or so and im bored already. i cant wait for everyone to be back. i wonder what its going to be like, i wonder if people have changed a lot. so much has happened in these ten weeks its crazy. but okay im going to take a nap and stop being delirious. i dont even know why i wrote this?
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