j to the z (i_bluebubbles) wrote,
j to the z

im leaving in 7 hours

it didnt seem like this summer was ever going to end did it? it didnt seem like we were ever going back to school, not high school at least and definitely not college. this is so surreal. everything i did today i told myself that it was the last time i was going to be able to do it for a while. i cant even imagine what tmr and next couple of days are going to be like i just dont know what to expect. im not one for change but i know i will love college.

but no matter what happens ill never forget about this place that i call home and everyone here. all of the good times and the bad and all of the people i love and love to hate. its going to be weird to not be surrounded by the same people that i have been for the past 4plus years and whether or not i talked to them or knew them at all it was still a comfort to see their faces. and now everyones going their separate ways and doing their own things. we are growing up. how scary is that. college didnt seem like it actually existed 2, 3 years ago and now here we are. i hope i make the best of it.

high school was really the best experience ever. i cant even start to describe all of the experiences and the lessons learned and the people that i shared it with. even though its over now i will never ever forget it. its such a big part of me and who i am and i cannot WAIT to see everyone at our reunion. its going to be bombdiggity. pretty much. i have so much in my mind but i dont know how to say it so ill stop blabbing now.

class of 2006♥

until winter break
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jessica! i love you and hope you have fun in irvine :) its funny how we started off as somewhat enemies in jr high and now everything is just dandy! ill never forget the good times in ponsi and ishimine sophomore year? and all the little things inbetween. and sr ball. yah, all that good stuff!! be safe and call me when you come back for all the holiday breaks. and dont forget..we WILL have our sr trip! even if we arent srs anymore :) hehe love ya and miss ya much
i knowww i was thinking about how our relationship has been such a rollercoaster but now we are happy although its a long distance relationship now!:( yes we have had many good times together and only more to come and YES we are going to have that damn trip. i love you and ill see you soon!!:)
hasnt irvine just been one HUGE ASS SLEEPOVER?