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2006 Cheerleading Worlds

the world championship of all star cheerleading!!!!

Large Coed
Paid Bid
ACE Warriors - Birmingham, AL - JAMfest Bid
Georgia All-Stars - Marietta, GA - NCA Bid
Cheer Athletic -Garland, TX - Mardi Gras Bid
Kentucky Elite - Lexington, KY - Cheersport Bid
Encore Cheer Co. - Miami, FL - Cheersport Bid
California All Stars - San Marcos, CA - USA Bid
Motions - San Jose, CA - JAMZ Bid
Pro Cheer Inc. - Hoschton, GA - UCA Bid
Top Gun - Miami, FL - All Star Challenge Bid

Partial Paid Bid
Cheer Extreme -Kernersville, NC - Universal Spirit Assoc. Bid

At Large
Celebrity Cheer -Manchester, NH - WSF Bid
South Jersey Storm -Williamstown, NJ - All Star Challenge Bid
ICE Athletics -Naperville, IL - JAMfest Bid
Texas Lonestar Cheer -Houston, TX - ACA Bid
Tampa Bay All-Stars - Tampa, FL - NCA Bid
Clovis Elite Thunder - Clovis, CA - USA Bid
Midwest Cheer Elite - West Chester, OH - COA Bid
Cheer City United - Little Rock, AR - America's Best Bid
Fame - Virginia Beach, VA Cheer LTD Bid
Colegio San Antonio- Anzoategui, Venezuela -APEA-Venezuela
Federacion Deportiva de Cotopaxi - Latacunga, Ecuador - ACDA Brands-Ecuador
Santa Ana Vikings - Bucaramunga, Colombia
Guangzhou Institute of PE - China - CSARA
Albejas Cbta - Los Reyes, Mexico - ONP-Mexico
Club Dep. Los Leones de Talcahuano - Talcahuano, Chile - Cheer Chile Bid

only teams with a bid can go and we got a full paid bid, 25000 big ones:)we are the only bay area team going and one of three norcal teams and one of 11 california teams. it's our gym and our whole programs' first time going. amazing. its like going to the olympics. and to be in the presence of the best teams in the world and ones ive watched on espn for years. to BE on espn. and to compete at the milk house!!! dream come true.

this time tomorrow, i will be in the sunshine state. and disneyworld!!!!!!!!! and taking the biggest stage in the cheerleading world. literally. what a way to end my cheerleading career:)

who knew there were cheerleaders in ecuador, chile and venezuela?
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